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This Chick Is Raw, Inc. started with a vision of simply bettering the health of a few family members and in time has expanded gradually throughout the South Florida area providing 100% organic Raw Prepared Meals, Raw Fermented Beverages, and Food products.

It is now our Pleasure to Make these Great Products Available to you! 

All of our products are RAW and full of Life as Nature intended!

Our products are crafted in a sterile environment. NO Metals Used in our Brewing or Fermentation Process. These can have a negative impact on the probiotics and can also release dangerous chemicals into the product.

Biologist crafted for potency, safety, with an herbal infusion not found in other products. We truly understand how these products interact on a molecular level with your body and take special care to promote your wellness.

 NO CO2 or Pasteurization prior to shipping. These processes kill ProBiotics. We leave your products Alive and Ready to serve! The moment you drink our products, they go to work for a difference you can feel from within!

The Result of all this Extra Care is Simple:

Just one Tablespoon of our product is more potent than drinking 12 bottles of the leading store bought kombucha when factoring in the amount of herbs, healing acids, and RAW living probiotics scientifically crafted to naturally bind with your body on a molecular level and maximize absorption so that every drop counts!

Apothecary Kombucha

“Cultivating Ancient earthly wisdoms and proven science for your most vibrant wellness and vitality.”

 25+ wild strains of Probiotic, 45+ Ancient Persian and Chinese herbs

Healing herbs, roots, and other tonifying ingredients

NO sugar or caffeine!

Our Products will leave you feeling the difference from within!

This kombucha was amazing and extremely healthy. Brittany was so informative of the natural healing and healthy benefits these drinks provide. Thank you so much for the great products.
Hadi G.
I just bought the best sauerkraut I ever tasted in my life! You must try it. This is an awesome addition to my no-carb diet.
Thank you so much Brittny for your expertise and dedication
Nathalie Campeau
The turmeric kombucha is delicious medicine, brimming with what I can only describe as the Love ingredient. You know that kombucha “lift”, yeah? Like a clean and beautiful vitamin B high? Oh, mah goodness —be ready!
Jhonattan Arango
And I asked for AMAZING coconut kefirs, probiotic salads, raw living Kombucha, raw food….I started feeling the processed drinks at local stores are more of a transition foods, I wanted something upgraded!! Met my girl @Thischickisraw @Glaser Farmers Market in Coral Gables (good 1+1/2 hour away w/ traffic) Brittny (whom is super awesome btw) happens to live right by me and dropped 1st delivery and all I can say is OMFG!! She nailed it!! This is her wild blueberry coconut kefir made with local coconut meat, reverse osmosis water, maca, lucuma, vanilla, wild blueberries, You have no idea where I am at. Next level happiness!! You can feel the love! ALL PROBIOTICS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! – Marisa
Marisa Silverman
“Tumeric tonic, spirulina tonic, beet tonic, and honey mead are my daily morning cocktail ever since I found This Chic is Raw at the coconut grove farmers market a few months ago. I was already a healthy eating vegan, but once Brittny shared a sample along with a wealth of information about the benefits my friends and I had to try it for ourselves. I immediately felt the benefits. I had more energy & felt over all revitalized from the inside out. My girlfriend suffer from Lupus and has felt symptoms fade away as well as praises from her medical doctor. Other friends claim that after two weeks, needing less meds. I have lab to keep my daily supply on hand. Brittny is not only selling goodness in a bottle, she’s educating us along the way. I love knowing I will find the benefits in a bottle when I see her as well as an explanation of why it’s working. Our lives are forever different… thank you Brittny!!”
Christina Garrison
“I just want to let you know that after 4 weeks of being on Kombucha my lab work changed. My signs of celiac disease were gone, my inflammatory markers were within normal range and the doctor couldn’t believe how all the numbers were normal.

I ended up doing the 6week treatment. I am out of town until mid August, but when I come back I will definitely continue on a weekly regimen.

Thank you for being so helpful and knowledgeable. Anyone who is having leaky gut syndrome or just doesn’t feel well and doesn’t know why should commit to this regimen and see the difference.”

Jennifer Pema
I was having allergic reactions for months. My skin would swell, red patches with small watery itchy bumps. Mostly on my face. My breathing would become difficult, and I was drained of energy most of the time. The doctors just kept putting me on Prednisone which only helped temporarily. Since you introduced me to Kombucha, which I’ve been drinking daily, I’ve noticed a reduction in the allergies. My skin hasn’t been reacting as harshly as before, and I haven’t needed to use my inhaler as much. I’ve had more energy, and I haven’t had as much acid reflux. I feel as though Kombucha has been a blessing to my body. I wish I would have known sooner about this fantastic tea. My partner mentioned this seems to be helping his hemorrhoid.
Thank you so much for helping me rebuild my immune system the right way!
I suffer from allergies which make my throat swell up and i have to use an inhaler to open up my air ways so that I can breathe I noticed last night that as soon as I took the chanbuca and spirulina i felt tickling in my throat like if the bacteria was eating away whatever bothers it did not have to use my inhaler really happy with the product so far By the way what do you recommend to clear my lungs ans air ways Thanks
Walter G.
Apothecary Kombucha has helped heal me from the inside out. I had Cystic acne for many years. I tried every treatment in Western and Eastern medicine and nothing helped cure the underlying problem. I was lucky enough to meet Brittny and her products have changed my life! Her Kombucha helped my body heal and now my skin is clear as a result. Thank you for being an integral part of my healing and overall well being…
Dr. Bonelle Klinger

Research and Medical Findings 

Our kombucha was tested at Kappa Laboratories, often referred to as the best public governmental lab in the country, to ensure our brew contained no contaminants, yeast, mold, or harmful microorganisms. Kappa Laboratories is contracted by the Center for Disease Control, the Food & Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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