“So, when I first heard of this herb honey mask I thought putting food on my face was better than a bunch of chemicals the face mask at my 5 star spa available. Then I tried it for a week and felt my skin tightening and cool and fresh no grease, or mirror-skin like vinyl that used to drive me crazy . I  was scared to walk by a mirror in a store. After two weeks no pimples (even proactive didn’t touch my pimples) and no red spots I couldn’t believe it.  The herbs and honey also tasted great it’s nice to know if I ate some of the mask it is 100% natural organic ingredients and would be a great alternative to toxic 20-some letter words that I can’t pronounce. When you spread the product on your face at first it seems sticky but after a short time it melts completely into your skin! Only the small herbs are left and you can just rinse your face with pure water and feel your skin breath easy. This mask applied to rashes and rosachea will provide relief from itching and visual redness. It really is a cleaning mask as it covers up and eliminates problems where  it is applied