March 2017

Apothecary Kombucha

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Ingredients List: (Ayurvedic herbs): camellia sinensis, ocmumsanctum, Ilex paraguariensis, calendula officinalis, crataegus, rosemary, mint, red sage, salvia apiana, chimnee, aloe vera, chia seeds, urtica dioica, trifolium pratense, mullein, rubus idaeus, piper methysticum, achilea millefolium, lavandula, slippery elm, borago officinalis,monk’s pepper, African [...]

February 2017

Roxy’s Remedy (Gold Oatmeal Facial Mask)

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"So, when I first heard of this herb honey mask I thought putting food on my face was better than a bunch of chemicals the face mask at my 5 star spa available. Then I tried [...]

Raw Coconut Kefir *Local/Organic/Handmade*

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Our process of making This Chick is Raw's local and organic coconut kefir is quite specific and long. First we pick only the finest coconuts in South Florida. Then, we crack the coconuts by hand, [...]

Products tested at Kappa Laboratories

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Kappa Laboratories has been inspected and previously recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA Microbiology - #0093, Chemistry - #1282); certified by the Florida Department of Health, Drinking Water including Microbiology, Pesticides and PCB's; [...]